Why does California History have a new publisher?

Last year the California Historical Society's Board of Trustees established a task force to recommend a publishing program that would best support our renewed vision for the California Historical Society. After consultation with publishing professionals, the task force advised that we create a new suite of electronic and print publications that deliver California's history to the widest possible audience in the most deeply informed ways. This led us to reconsider the benefits and high costs of our scholarly print publication, California History. The Board of Trustees decided to redeploy our financial resources in order to create this new publishing program while respecting and sustaining CHS's traditions of scholarship by finding a new publisher, University of California Press, for our 90-year-old academic journal.

How will the transition to UC Press occur?

The California Historical Society and UC Press will co-publish CHS's final issue of the journal (volume 90, number 2) in July 2013. UC Press will publish the first issue of California History under its masthead this fall. Beginning in August, institutions and individuals alike should be on the lookout for communications containing important information and updates on how to renew subscriptions through UC Press.

What does this mean for California History?

Though UC Press now holds the copyright for California History, it will publish future issues of the journal in association with the California Historical Society. Through its continued publication, California History will remain an important vehicle for scholarly inquiry and production. The journal—both archived and current content—will still be accessible through JSTOR's online hosting platform.

Publication of California History will continue under the editorial leadership of Professor Josh Sides, Whitsett Chair of California History and Director of the Center for Southern California History at California State University, Northridge. Dr. Sides will build upon the fine reputation of California History by intensifying its academic rigor and expanding its readership.

What is CHS's new publishing program?

CHS will publish thoughtful, deeply researched articles by scholars online and in our printed exhibition catalogs. We will also harness new and traditional media to engage members, supporters, scholars, and the public in conversations about the relevance and importance of California's history and the inspiration it can bring to our lives.

One example of this new initiative is CHS's current partnership with Heyday, an independent publisher specializing in nonfiction works about California. CHS has co-published numerous books with Heyday, and is currently offering the California Historical Society Book Award for the best book-length work of new scholarship about California.

Will CHS members be able to subscribe to California History?

In addition to an array of other benefits, CHS will still offer a subscription to California History to our members. We will announce the details on our updated membership program and benefits later this summer.

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