California Flower Market Photographs

The California Flower Market Records span from the late 1800s to 2014 and include a variety of materials such as photographs, photograph albums, and scrapbooks. Below is a list of the collections that contain these items, along with descriptions of their contents.

These photographic prints and snapshots consist of a diverse range of images, including family photographs, portraits, event photos, candid shots of hardworking individuals at the flower market, as well as interior and exterior shots of the Flower Market property with its bustling market stalls and colorful flowers.

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cover of family album from the California Flower Market

These personal collections document the history of the flower market and the history of Japanese American families who have been growing flowers on their farms since the early 1900s and include, a souvenir album of the Japanese Pavilion at the Golden Gate International exposition (1939—1940), a commemorative volume of the 2600th anniversary of the Imperial Era in Japan (1940), commissioned by the Flower Market, and a digitized scrapbook belonging to Sam Sakai, a second-generation Japanese-American who served as president of the Flower Market for thirty years (1940—1970).

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