Tell Your Story – California during the time of COVID-19

Tell Your Story - Tsehai, Inglewood
The image I saw on the side view of a crushed roll of toilet paper. In much demand during this quarantine.

Tsehai, Inglewood

“My 1st virtual Sunday Dinner. Quarantine Chronicles. Day 7.  My daughter sent a text. ‘Would you like to join us for virtual Sunday Dinner tonight at 6?’ Yes!!  I prepared my meal, set my place at my table, arranged my laptop in front of me. I signed in with her link on Zoom. Then, voila! There I was, across from my sweet grandson seated in his highchair. He grinned and pointed, ‘Granmerry!’ Their table was set and my daughter and her husband brought food and settled down. We blessed the table. We asked each other what we were eating. Then we ate dinner together. Chatting, laughing, catching up on the latest. After dinner they cleared the table and I read stories, blew bubbles, talked and played with my grandson. It almost felt like I was there. Except when he looked at me, lifted his arms and said, ‘Granmerry, pick me up!’ —Notes from the end of the 1st week in Covid19 stay-at-home. Los Angeles, California.”

Tsehai, 69


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