Tell Your Story – California during the time of COVID-19

Tell Your Story - Terese, Concord
This is my one year old dog Buddy. We walk him three times a day and I think he is sick and tired of having 4 other humans in his house

Terese, Concord

“The COVID19 pandemic has financially affected my family. Most of us are unable to work from home and the California unemployment system is extremely slow at returning any emails and is unable to take any phone calls. Luckily, we all have money in our savings and I get financial aid for school.”

“I have experienced birthdays and gender reveals in quarantine and it has been very inconvenient and gives a feeling of detachment. Birthdays are lonelier and I feel extremely detached from society as a whole with little to no in person interaction among my friends.”

“I don’t believe life will be the same until the government finds a working vaccine. We will all probably have to wear face masks and gloves for a few months and practice social distancing at our schools and places of employment.”

Terese, 26


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