Tell Your Story – California during the time of COVID-19

Tell Your Story - Susannah, Burbank
I photographed this masked mannequin in a closed storefront window on a walk this morning (April 24, 2020) in Burbank, California.

Susannah, Burbank

“I live alone and work from home as a writer, so my life has been impacted less significantly than others. I’m an introvert and a cancer survivor, so I really leaned into self-isolation. A feel somewhat guilty saying this, but it’s been a productive time for me. I’ve really flourished creatively, and that’s been good.”

“I think life will be more the same than many of the more grim predictions. Americans are quick to forget trauma, and I think people will really frame this as a kind of anomaly event and go back to perceiving themselves as impervious. I wish it would lead to more radical change, but I don’t believe that it will.”

“I feel thankful. I’m a cancer survivor. I’m 52. I left an unhealthy marriage several years ago. I am so appreciative that I’m safe and a survivor. The challenges I’ve faced prepared me for this. It helps me make sense of some of the trauma that I’ve been through in the past. It was preparing me for something else.”

Susannah, 52


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