Tell Your Story – California during the time of COVID-19

Tell Your Story - Susan, Frazier Park

Susan, Frazier Park

“I cut my hand bad and needed stitches but didn’t get them. I have a cavity and was planning to get it fixed but haven’t done so. I need blood work but won’t go in to the clinic for it. I purchase food online and my partner goes to the grocery store about once a week. I have started a garden and find that working the soil really calms me and cheers me. And the pretty green growing plants are cheerful. It has been frustrating trying to obtain things I need for this. Ordering things online has come with shipping delays. There is a lot of waiting in my life. Waiting for checks to arrive, waiting for my tax refund, waiting for online purchases to be delivered. The longest wait is just being stuck at home. I live in the mountains, and winter starts in earnest around December and goes until June, but I usually start feeling the seasonal change in March. Being in lockdown through March, April, and May has been like extending the winter season. We get ‘cabin fever’ here, and it seems to go on and on this year with the lockdown.”

Susan, 66
Frazier Park


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