Tell Your Story – California during the time of COVID-19

Tell Your Story - Sharon, Woodland Hills
Sharon and J on the UC Berkeley campus, May 23, 2020

Sharon, Woodland Hills

“It doesn’t seem real until it’s real. I think I speak for my family when I say that we found the silver linings pretty quickly. Not having to commute, not having to fulfill social obligations, getting to work from home—these were all easy perks. Staying connected isn’t too difficult these days, technologically speaking.

“Seeing people on the Berkeley campus take their graduation pictures with no graduation was interesting. It seems people want the memory even if it didn’t ‘happen.’ I think it says something about how we can create memories without the actual event taking place. The power of the mind, and what better than social media to make it feel permanent.

“I’ve found that, as a therapist, having to remain at home has forced people to face the things they’ve been avoiding. So it’s driven them to do the self-work, whether out of desperation or simply finally having the time. More often than not, it’s been the former. People are, generally, simply not comfortable sitting with themselves. I’ve also seen how, when this began, people were more or less on the same page. With time, opinions have become more divisive, which seems to be the natural progression of any big idea or situation. If there’s more than one side to be taken, people will take either side with vigor and passion and anger and defend their ideas to the death. Maybe not to the death, per se, but in this case, maybe so.”

Sharon, 35
Woodland Hills


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