Tell Your Story – California during the time of COVID-19

Tell Your Story - Sharon, Granada Hills
Our virtual seder with our kids on Zoom, April 9th, 2020 from our dining room

Sharon, Granada Hills

“I called my dearest twin aunts for their 93rd birthday.  They sounded wonderful.  A week later, as I looked in the daily newspaper at the obits, (I’m a genealogist, so I do this regularly) I was shocked to see one of the aunt’s name in it. I immediately called her twin, she was hysterically crying, something about her heart and lungs and pneumonia.  When I left messages and finally got contact with my cousins, her children, I learned the story. She was in bed for two full days, not moving, not eating, and her feet were turning blue. Her son told me he called paramedics the following morning, her heart was failing, and the doctors were draining her lungs which kept filling up with fluids. She passed 2 days later, and was tested positive for covid 19…. I know she lived a long full life, but this was a sudden and difficult blow to the family as she was sent for immediate burial, and my cousins have a 12 second video of their mom being put in the mausoleum slot next to their dad. So sad. As our Jewish holiday of Passover approached, we knew we couldn’t have our family traditional seder, and learned how to connect to our grown children by Zoom, and surprisingly we enjoyed this new virtual togetherness immensely.”

Sharon, 68
Granada Hills


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