Tell Your Story – California during the time of COVID-19

Tell Your Story - Sean, San Francisco
Birthday card sent by my niece. It wasn’t safe to buy me a card in a store so she made one. Friends surprised me with a Zoom happy hour session. It brightened my day the week of the shut down.

Sean, San Francisco

“I am a massive extrovert, so the ‘shelter in place’ felt suffocating immediately. I don’t thrive working from home but had already been doing it for 10 days straight. Once Mayor Breed put in the order my trainer canceled on me, my gym closed, my barber canceled and so did our yard service. Nearly all businesses and human contact came to a halt within hours or days. It has been 4-5 weeks already and although I am lucky my job is fine and my family is healthy, I am starving for human connection beyond Zoom calls and 6 foot distances.”

“I have found new ways to connect virtually (games, happy hours). I have come to appreciate for the first time in my life how the world is really organized around extroverts and not introverts. It has been humbling. Finally, my diet and exercise are just not the same while under these orders. My mental health is fine but I don’t thrive physically when I can’t exercise the way I want to. I am a fundraiser so the next 2 years will be hard professionally.”

Sean, 44
San Francisco


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