Tell Your Story – California during the time of COVID-19

Tell Your Story - Sandi, Indio
The flag represents my Color Guard team

Sandi, Indio

“I am submitting this on behalf of my son, who writes: “Blessed Quarantine. Have you ever been bored and tired of the same routine every day? Wishing for something different? Well . . . careful what you wish for! I was in band and Color Guard at my school. It kept me very busy in school, after school, and before school. I was told by my principal and coach that Color Guard and band wouldn’t be able to go on any more trips. The words struck me like lightning. I was devastated because my Color Guard team was supposed to make history by being the first middle school to participate at nationals. For my band, though, it was my first time in Wind Ensemble and they get to go to a music festival to get judged on how they play. Unfortunately, no more band either.

“After two days of break, I was really bored—so bored that I wanted to read a book. Reading books is the most boring thing, in my opinion, and I wanted to do it for fun?! I was losing my mind! I was bored of watching TV, playing on my electronics, going to the park, swimming, and even eating food! I can’t believe now that I wanted to read a book of all things!

“I think of this time as a blessing. I get more time with my family, and we actually have dinner at the same time. Even though Color Guard and band are over, we are still having a lot of fun in online class. Don’t lose hope, stay positive.”



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