Tell Your Story – California during the time of COVID-19

Tell Your Story - Patricia, Alameda
Photo of Mike and I for my Fashion IG: Patty Once a Day

Patricia, Alameda

“I have been working from home since March 13 and acclimating my body to running again. My brother who is a social worker in New York is also at home and his co-op has several cases. I check in on my mother and family on the east coast and take care of myself through walks in Alameda, runs, and watching sci-fi like Tales from the Loop, Devs, Westworld, and Star Trek.”

“I will be celebrating my 35th probably isolated. I planned to travel to France to see a friend in Paris but that will have to wait.”

“I think there will be joy to return but hesitancy to get too close.”

“We have to recognize how black and brown people have been deeply affected by this, from getting sick more often, to losing their jobs, homes, and livelihoods.”

Patricia, 34


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