Tell Your Story – California during the time of COVID-19

Tell Your Story - Natalia, North Shore
From the city to the shoreline. My new home front view—date farm in North Shore on the Salton Sea

Natalia, North Shore

“My partner’s and my jobs became non-existent once they shut down all schools. Thankfully a few weeks later he was asked to do food distribution so we have some income as we both don’t qualify for unemployment. Being so, we weren’t guaranteed steady income for our apartment so we moved in with his parents who are essential workers as well. We lived in the East Valley city of Indio which is still in the main city area but his parents live in the outskirts of the Valley in the rural agriculture community. We live in the unincorporated city of North Shore with a majority migrant/immigrant population who are mostly farmworkers. COVID-19 has hit our community hard as most farmworkers cannot afford to stay home. Those who were laid-off or had to stay home to take care of children are in great disparity from being evicted, starving, zero access to clean water, and/or are high risk for contracting COVID-19. The line to get free food from the local food bank stretches over a mile, easily.”

Natalia, 24
North Shore


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