Tell Your Story – California during the time of COVID-19

Tell Your Story - Nancy, El Cerrito
Nancy and Kyle, traditional Easter family photo on their front stairs instead of at the church, Easter Sunday, 04/12/2020

Nancy, El Cerrito

“I’ve been sewing masks for the food pantry workers at my church, and that’s been a special kind of surreal. It makes me think that, even though the US has been at war for my entire adult life (Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, etc.), and much of my childhood (also Iraq), it’s never touched my daily life (I have family that are military, but none that I live with, and they’ve all come back). This, in a way, feels more like a war effort than any war I’ve lived through; I think of the victory gardens for WWII, and sewing bandages in WWI, and so on. One of the hardest things that’s happened so far for me personally was when Trump decided to close the European borders: my sister lives in Germany where she’s been a student, and is now trying to find a job. We had a very sad conversation about how, if she didn’t come back to the states *right then*, we didn’t know when we’d see each other again, but if she came back, she wouldn’t have anywhere to live and wouldn’t even be able to afford health insurance. Germany, of course, has a free national health system and tons of public aid, so she’s much safer there, unemployed and uninsured, than she would be here. But, it’s hard not knowing when I’ll see her again.”

Nancy, 36
El Cerrito


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