Tell Your Story – California during the time of COVID-19

Tell Your Story - MJ, Portola Valley
This photo of this fine specimen of a senior citizen athlete was taken in our driveway on Apr-27-2020. My husband Lowell had been planning to represent the USA at his first World triathlon event in September-2020. He hasn’t been able to train, and the event will be cancelled, but he ordered the suit anyway. He had worked so hard to qualify.

MJ, Portola Valley

“My husband and I are 68 years old and are doing well; our 3 kids are adults living in SF, Boston, and Berlin…. For my husband and I personally, I feel like we have the easiest situation of my immediate family. We are retired and have no one to physically care for but ourselves. Our main concern was how to stay physically fit without a gym, but we have some home gym equipment and are running/walking at the local high school track…. Perhaps the most difficult part to deal with is the constant fear when going to Costco or a grocery store or getting takeout from one of the 2 restaurants we are trying to keep in business. I haven’t enjoyed shopping since my kids left home, but now shopping feels like a death-defying act.”

“One last thing, as an Asian-American whose parents were incarcerated at Manzanar, one of America’s concentration camps during World War 2, I am worried about Trump’s promotion of COVID-19 as ‘the Chinese’ virus. I don’t worry so much for myself, because I lived my whole life under mild discrimination and racist remarks. I’m used to it. But as a mom, I felt blessed that my children did not have to suffer any of that in California. Now, I am worried that Trump and other populist politicians are bringing back the race wars, this time against Chinese. But as we know, non-Asians can’t tell a Chinese from a Japanese from any other Asian, so Trump’s remarks raise hatred against all Asians. For the first time, I am worried my kids and my grandkids will become victims of a hate attack.”

MJ, 68
Portola Valley


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