Tell Your Story – California during the time of COVID-19

Tell Your Story - Meghan, Burbank
The Mask of Battle, Meghan Elizabeth, Burbank, CA – April 2020

Meghan, Burbank

“I lost my job as a Preschool Teacher and my prospects are limited because I’m an ‘elder’ (age 64). My age also puts me in the ‘vulnerable’ population in regard to COVID-19. I am also the sole support for my adult son (age 34) who is unemployed and suffers from severe depression and diabetes (type 1, insulin dependent). His mental condition has prevented him from seeking any kind of help so I provide all support—financial, mental, emotional, and medical. Because of his diabetes, he is also listed in the ‘vulnerable’ COVID-19 population. But, here’s the rub… I am NOT weak. I am NOT vulnerable. I AM, and have always BEEN, a WARRIOR. I will NOT succumb to despair, and I WILL continue to FIGHT this pandemic by following protocol and doing what the experts ask me to do. I’m currently on my 30th day of quarantine and there are AT LEAST 30 to go. But, please don’t feel sorry for me. I will help DEFEAT this monster COVID-19, and in the future people will still say, ‘Try to keep up with the Joneses’. Why? Because we will NOT be defeated.”

Meghan, 64




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