Tell Your Story – California during the time of COVID-19

Tell Your Story - Martin, Sebastopol
Martin at Scouting event in Santa Rosa, California prior to Covid 19.

Martin, Sebastopol

“Well this is day 31 of confinement. Just came back from walking my dog Wyatt. The lockdown has had a great effect and change here in Sebastopol and Sonoma County in general. I have done a lot of Zoom meeting for Rotary and Scouting and had my church St. Stephens have services as well on Facebook. It is scary going shopping at a market with a lot of others there and pushing a cart around even with gloves and a mask.”

“Well I have a new grandson Trey and we miss seeing him other than in pictures and video from his mom and dad. I did see him the other day when his parents brought me some food items from Safeway but from a safe distance and with a mask on which may have scared him a little. My son is an EMT and working on an ambulance and that worries us with a new baby at his home. I did miss putting flowers on my parents’ graves for Easter.”

Martin, 70


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