Tell Your Story – California during the time of COVID-19

Tell Your Story - Marilyn, San Diego
This is me staying in my apartment in Normal Heights, San Diego typing this.

Marilyn, San Diego

“Living in San Diego, I am normally used to having access to beaches, parks, museums and so on. Having everything locked up is so bizarre to me. I never thought I would see the day that something so large like a beach or a state park would be closed. It’s eerie seeing pictures on the news with so many public areas empty.”

“Something simple or what was simple as buying groceries, is now a chore that can be scary. Late to mid-March and until now, stores created social distancing so there are lines of people out the door at times because only a certain amount of people are allowed in. Masks are required when shopping, I cannot use my own bags, there are markers on the floors indicating six feet and plastic “sneeze” guards are everywhere. I do my shopping in under one hour and a half, moving quickly. Luckily paper items are slowly coming back and are limited as are the shelf goods. Lysol products as well as rubbing alcohol are very difficult to find. I am glad they have special hours for the elderly and disabled to do their shopping. With people hoarding, they need to have a chance of getting their goods too.”

“Everything gets ‘deloused,’ as I call it, once it crosses my door. Shopping bags, delivery boxes, me, and my fiancé all have to get sprayed before continuing into our home. And the hand washing, always doing that and being more aware of where I place my hands. Gloves are becoming an issue in my neighborhood now. People are leaving them discarded on the sidewalk, and parking lots. It makes me mad because being afraid does not give the excuse for unsanitary behavior, especially now.”

Marilyn, 41
San Diego

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