Tell Your Story – California during the time of COVID-19

Tell Your Story - Marietta, San Francisco
Pink Moon Rising over San Francisco, April 7, 2020, taken from back porch in Corona Heights

Marietta, San Francisco

“The first effect was the cancellation of a long-planned family reunion that would have brought 10 people together, some for the first time in over 15 years and including three from Canada. Luckily, we have Facetime and Zoom, so are able to connect with video chats. We have also organized other virtual events. Each week, we celebrate Wine Wednesday with our best friends, a couple that we usually see once a week or more at concerts, plays, and restaurants. We alternate houses—open a bottle of wine, pour two glasses, then take it across town and leave it on the doorstep. When we get home, we connect via Zoom to drink wine and chat. A larger virtual event was a neighborhood virtual block party for the Pink Moon on April 7. We had hosted a Blue Moon party at our home two years ago, so thought it would be fun to gather on our back porches for the pink moon. All of us chatted a bit, watched the moon rise over the city (see photo attached), and cheered at 8 pm for health workers and first responders. Unfortunately, it was too cold to stay out very long, but we received thanks from several neighbors, including one who left a plant on our door in appreciation.”

Marietta, 70
San Francisco


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