Tell Your Story – California during the time of COVID-19

Tell Your Story - Maira, Bell Gardens.
In my family’s backyard. Bell Gardens, May 15, 2020


Maira, Bell Gardens

“COVID-19 has impacted my family personally because of the distance of me and my older brother from the rest of my family. I am an undergraduate at UC Davis and my brother attends the University of San Francisco for law school, while the rest of my immediate family is back in Los Angeles. The pandemic happened right before I was getting prepared to take my last quarter in college, and forced me to move back with family in Los Angeles. Being back home has been difficult because I enjoyed going to class and listening to lectures. Having spring quarter through Zoom, losing one of my internships, and having to quit my job made me feel useless. I have always been the kind of person who loves being outside and just keeping busy to help others, but because of COVID-19 I was forced to give up everything. Also, not having so many things to do as I usually did made me anxious and overthink a lot. It is hard trying to fake that I am always happy when in reality sometimes I just want to be quiet or alone, but my family has a hard time understanding that. I also feel like in the span of only three months I lost all the work I had been doing in order to get ready for life after graduation. I wasn’t even as motivated to continue school.”

Maira, 22
Bell Gardens

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