Tell Your Story – California during the time of COVID-19

Tell Your Story - Laura, Los Angeles


Laura, Los Angeles

“I work as a freelance art director in LA, and the pop-up museum project I was building shut down in March. They have not paid me yet and are over 60 days due. I feel for them, as they may have to file for bankruptcy, but everyone who worked on it basically worked for free for over a month and so none of us have had any income since early February. I know many freelancers who did not qualify for unemployment, and so are impatiently awaiting (but grateful for) the ‘gig economy’ unemployment that kicked in. Everyone in my commercial/film production community is nervous about going back to work, as there won’t be much of it, it will be very costly, and we’ll have to sign contracts removing the production from liability if we catch COVID-19 while working. I live alone so I’d be nervous to catch it, as I have no one to take care of me if I get sick and I don’t have a salary income or sick days to support me during that time if I end up hospitalized.”

Laura, 38
Los Angeles

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