Tell Your Story – California during the time of COVID-19

Tell Your Story - Kelly, San Jose
Kelly and two-month-old son Riley in the San Jose Municipal Rose Garden, San Jose, California, May 9, 2020

Kelly, San Jose

“Riley Patrick, my firstborn, entered the world on a deceivingly sunny, crisp February evening at Good Samaritan Hospital in San Jose, California. Arriving two weeks before his due date, the profound difference between February 28 and March 10 was, at the time, unbeknownst to us. In reflection, I herald his timely arrival for two reasons; we met our perfect boy two weeks sooner, and it afforded us a final opportunity to gather as a family before chaos struck.”

“Today. We actively work to take each day, sometimes each hour, at a time. We rejoice at our son’s milestones and exclaim over the sheer perfection of him. We walk around our neighborhood. We nod to neighbors since smiles go unseen behind masks. We track the new bursts of color from the swaths of roses at the municipal garden across the street…. We gather up our own chairs, our own food, our own utensils and our own protective equipment to visit our parents: Riley’s besotted grandparents. We sit across the garden from one another, chatting and laughing while we do our best to push aside the absurdity and sadness of the situation.”

“As I write this, it’s been exactly 365 days since our home team, the San Jose Sharks, defeated the Las Vegas Golden Knights via an epic, unprecedented comeback during the Stanley Cup Playoffs. My parents, husband and I were there together; it was likely the most compelling sporting event we will ever witness. Two months ago… If I’d been told that sports wouldn’t exist, that we wouldn’t be allowed to gather in groups, or even sit alongside my parents, I would not have comprehended it.”

Kelly, 32
San Jose


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