Tell Your Story – California during the time of COVID-19

Tell Your Story - Kelly, Pleasanton
Closed park and water fountains

Kelly, Pleasanton

“Many of the local businesses and restaurants have been shut down. Our Main street is full of locally owned stores and restaurants. We are supporting them during the shut down through ordering take out food but the owners are struggling with loss of sales. Also too many people are hoarding toilet paper, paper towels, bleach and bleach wipes. It would help if people would relax and only buy what they need so others can also find the supplies they need.”

“My daughter is graduating from UCLA this June and there will be no graduation ceremony. They are trying to do a virtual ceremony or postpone the ceremony until next year but she has lost the last 3 months of her senior year spending time with friends and solidifying those life long college connections as well as no celebration at the end of 4 years of hard work. Although, we all realize there is much suffering elsewhere in the world so if this is the worst that happens, our life is blessed.”

Kelly, 50


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