Tell Your Story – California during the time of COVID-19

Tell Your Story - Kathryn, Burlingame
Our first family photo (with Lily, the cat)

Kathryn, Burlingame

“I gave birth at the start of the pandemic. Just as we were growing as a family, we found ourselves cut off from all of our loved ones, family, and friends. One thing that has really stuck with me is that we have no candid photos as a family. There’s no one there to see us becoming parents, growing, experiencing milestones. We’re so focused on taking pictures of Zoe to send to the grandparents, that there are only a few selfies of the three (four, including our cat) of us. That makes me sad.”

“I had medical complications that sent me back into the hospital at the start of March, as companies were already sending workers home and hospitals were gearing up for an onslaught of new patients. By the time I returned home, we had a 3-week-old and no support. Our daughter Zoe has spent the rest of her short time only seeing family and friend through video chat. No one else has held her, and we don’t know when our family who live out of state will see her. I’ve been struggling with depression and postpartum complications, and to not have the ability to see a friend or get a hug from my mom has been really difficult.”

Kathryn, 33

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