Tell Your Story – California during the time of COVID-19

Tell Your Story - Karen, Ladera Ranch


Karen, Ladera Ranch

“I miss my right now. I had a boyfriend. He wasn’t my forever. He was my right now. He was my like and my fun and my snuggle buddy. He wasn’t my forever. But he was my now. It’s a strange time, during this quarantine. He is around many other people for business purposes, so I can’t be with him. I keep distant from everyone. Six-foot girlfriend dates every week. Tailgating, hiking from far away. I have a boyfriend. But it’s like he’s past tense right now. It’s hard to see the end. I’m preparing to take my real estate licensing exam. I’m using this time to prepare for my future. Will I ever see my boyfriend again? I don’t know.”

Karen, 52
Ladera Ranch


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