Tell Your Story – California during the time of COVID-19

Tell Your Story - Kalista, Marina
Face masks me and my mom made in our living room, Marina, April 24, 2020.

Kalista, Marina

“Coronavirus was something that started off as this little thing in one city, then started spreading very fast and it is scary to me. This pandemic has affected me in many ways. I can’t see any of my friends or family. I am an eighth-grade student and I will not be returning to middle school or going to high school. It is also very scary because my loved ones still have to work during this time, and not being home, you have a chance of getting the virus.

“During this time there are a few significant things that this pandemic has affected. My sister’s birthday was yesterday, and mine is in a few days. I am pretty upset about that because I won’t get to celebrate it with any of my friends or get to go anywhere to celebrate it. I was also supposed to have a middle school promotion, which also won’t be happening. It also makes me sad how, due to my grandpa’s age, my family is not allowed to see him until this is over.

“Our lives will probably never be the same again after this. I mean, even after the shelter in place is released, it is going to be scary because you never know who has it and they don’t even know it yet. People who are sick should not be going out at all, and that is a pretty obvious thing, but the problem is they still do.”

Kalista, 13


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