Tell Your Story – California during the time of COVID-19

Tell Your Story - Jason, Winchester
The fashionably pandemic ready family in Winchester, CA, April 13, 2020

Jason, Winchester

“I work from home and my three children (14, 10, 7) are home schooled. I thought not much would feel different during a pandemic and the ‘stay home’ order that came with it. What I didn’t realize is that we need the social connections that come with our extracurricular activities. Horseback riding, indoor rock climbing, swim team, church and church youth group activities, etc. are all on hold and the lack of it shows in our children. They miss their friends and the experiences that come with those interactions.”

“I am in sales, and was told that in sales the topics of sex, politics, and religion were all taboo to discuss. I’ve found that how one handles COVID-19 should be added. Just like the original three, everyone has handled this virus in different ways. Some people hoarded toilet paper, some believe it is a government conspiracy. Some worry about protecting their children, while others whine about not being able to get their hair cut. Ask 10 different people what they think about the virus, you’ll get 10 different answers/opinions.”

Jason, 44

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