Tell Your Story – California during the time of COVID-19

Tell Your Story - Irving, San Francisco
San Francisco Centre on the corner of Market and 5th Streets, April, 2020. Boarded up completely with hundreds of stores closed and employees out of work. This was the first place that employed me when I arrived in 1990. Shocking to see the entire entrance sealed in this way.

Irving, San Francisco

“A second cousin in the New York area died of COVID19. He was a driver at a hospital. I played with him as a seven year old and don’t really remember him, but it still comes as a shock being so close to me in blood.”

“During hard economic times in the near past, my job has always been the first to be cut, but I’ve been saved this time around. All my work is done online, so I began working from home. I am ‘naturally’ a stay at home person, so this is no different for me. However, except for breakfast, all my meals are take out or eat in restaurant food. That’s been the most difficult part for me— cooking for myself, or relearning how to cook for myself. Also, the thought of all these people out of work who used to serve me sickens me. I work for homeless services, so my continued work is essential, and I continue working from home, which I am enjoying. The stress of getting to work on time using San Francisco’s broken transit system is no more. But, this is greater than myself, and I am truly horrified for how this will turn out for all of us since we are all connected.”

“I lost my husband to the AIDS Pandemic. Loss is nothing new to me. And, I understand that loss is necessary if some of us are to survive. Regrettably, all of us can’t and that is a necessary sacrifice in our material world and because we have brought events like this upon ourselves with our wastefulness and greed and overpopulation of our world. Let us find a new way once we have passed this. For this, too, shall pass. What it will look like afterwards, we need to reinvent. This is an opportunity. ‘There will come a time when we believe everything is finished. That will be the beginning.’ “

Irving, 57
San Francisco

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