Tell Your Story – California during the time of COVID-19

Tell Your Story - Cinthia, Turlock
Views from within Mi Jaula de Oro (My Cage of Gold). Strictly driving through Tuolumne County, where all state parks are closed, to mitigate the psychological effects of continued sheltering in place. April 19, 2020.

Cinthia, Turlock

“The words that best describe what sheltering in place has been like were used in a song by Los Tigres del Norte. In a verse of ‘La Jaula de Oro’ (‘The Cage of Gold’)… Loosely translated, it says: What use is money / If I live like a prisoner / Within this great nation / When I’m reminded of this, I cry / Although this cage is made of gold / It doesn’t stop being a prison. These words are chillingly relevant to what the sudden shelter in place and social distance guidelines brought about almost overnight…. As the shelter in place order is drawn out, people become more restless. They begin to realize that, even though we’ve been able to have the luxury of simply ‘staying home’ in the midst of a public health crisis, the comforts of our lifestyles continue to imprison us. This begs the question, what good is it to live in an economic powerhouse nation if our country is paralyzed and people unable to work. What good are material things if we can’t enjoy the richness of the natural world. We’re home wishing we were outside when we once took all of that for granted. This virus targeted aspects of our lives that I never thought imaginable, at least not on this scale.”

Cinthia, 24


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