Tell Your Story – California during the time of COVID-19

Tell Your Story - Christopher, San Francisco
My family, San Francisco, taken by friend and neighbor, Graham Clarke.

Christopher, San Francisco

“As the requirements to isolate began to take effect, my daughter and son-in-law suggested strongly that I should come live with them.  It’s been a memorable experience.  I have taken over the family ‘guest room’— a first floor apartment located behind the two car garage.  It looks out on a garden full of flowers— and backs of the neighbors’ houses.  I had been living for the previous seven years in a small retirement community ten blocks away and found myself missing the other residents, but I was glad I was not isolated in a small apartment as they were.  So I had the advantage of a staircase between my space and the rest of the family.  As a writer, I could proceed with my work as easily in one place as the other. The two teenage boys in the family had online classes during the day. My son-in-law and daughter work from home in any event, so their lives went on much as before. We made breakfast and lunch on our own to fit our schedules but had dinner together and often watched a film of interest in the evening.”

Christopher, 88
San Francisco


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