Tell Your Story – California during the time of COVID-19

Tell Your Story - Vinh, Los Angeles.
I drew a friend in Microsoft Paint as a bonding activity


Vinh, Los Angeles

“I am no longer able to do the activities I enjoy, whether it’s hanging out with friends, participating in certain sports, or simply going out to eat. As a college student, I expected to spend my final year bonding with the people that I hold close, only to have them not be here on campus with me as we inch closer to graduation.”

“While I planned on spending my last birthday with a small number of close friends, I ended up having to spend it alone in my apartment. Some of my friends tried to hold an event for me virtually, but it’s just not the same.”

“I think that life will be different in the ways people work and socialize. I think people will appreciate in-person interactions with people more, but I also think it’ll be more prevalent for people to work or socialize in virtual ways. I imagine that if this drags on long enough, people will come up with more ways to socialize online, or they’ll at least be aware of the options. Any long-distance friendships between people are probably being maintained better than if this never happened.”

Vinh, 21
Los Angeles

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