Tell Your Story – California during the time of COVID-19

Tell Your Story - Giselle, Gardena.
Proud of my dad for still working even with COVID-19 happening. He came back home for his lunch break to see how we were doing stuck at home. Gardena, CA, April 21, 2020


Giselle, Gardena

“The pandemic has caused me to lose two of my jobs and half of my experience as a college freshman by having me move back home with my family. Also, my brother who works as a barber is now unemployed because the shops were closed down. Luckily my father who works at a label company with my uncle was not required to shut down, so at least one source of income is maintaining the cost of rent, utilities, etc.”

“A significant life event that happened during the pandemic is finishing my first year of college. Although it might not seem like a huge achievement, I struggled a lot to adapt to the new environment of college. I had thoughts of dropping out my first quarter and didn’t think I could ever make it past my first year without getting on academic probation or dropping out. It is upsetting that I finish my first year remotely, but I think being at home helped me a little with achieving this milestone. At home, I had my mother to console me if I failed an assignment and tell me that things will get better. I did not have a support system back at school, and I think having one at the end of the year has improved my mentality and my perspective on college. I am not happy about the things that are happening around the world, but I am glad that I was able to not only pass my first year of college but also boost my GPA with flying colors.”

“I started off in college as an introvert without getting out of my comfort zone. I had plans to be more open the following quarter and year, but sadly this would not be possible because now I am studying remotely. I am also on the premed path and was planning to start volunteering at the beginning of my sophomore year; again these plans got destroyed. Although I will never complain about the shelter-in-place because it is for the safety of other people, I am still very upset with how everything could have been handled better.”

Giselle, 18

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