Tell Your Story – California during the time of COVID-19

Tell Your Story - Ariana, Oakland.
A self-portrait in my new room in Oakland shortly after settling in, April 2020.


Ariana, Oakland

“The pandemic has affected my relationships, my living situation, and my practice. As a writer and photographer who focuses on covering Bay Area fringe communities, all of my assignments have been indefinitely postponed. That was expected. However, I didn’t expect it to profoundly affect my personal life: it caused me to leave a partner and flee our shared housing situation. Enduring the beginning of lockdown with this now ex-partner was the catalyst of our tumultuous falling out, forcing me to relocate to a place where I felt safe. But the trauma of losing him—as well as enduring a pandemic alone—has made me become more self-reliant than ever before.”

Ariana, 25


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