Tell Your Story – California during the time of COVID-19

Tell Your Story - Rishika, Torrence
A picture of the sky during a walk, Los Angeles, California


Rishika, Torrence

“The pandemic has affected me and everyone I know. I am now completely online and am doing all of my college classes and work through my laptop. I rarely go outside, and when I do, I make sure to wear a mask, social distance, and avoid large crowds to protect my and my family’s health. It has been difficult to adjust to this new lifestyle, but I have found small ways to make it a bit more bearable. I know this time has been tough for my family and many of my friends, as we are all experiencing troubling times with the condition of the world.”

“Since the pandemic began I have experienced the death of a family member. It has been very tough for my family. Although my relative lives across the globe and I would not have been able to attend their funeral anyways, my family who were present with him were not able to have a proper ceremony.”

“The global pandemic has been quite traumatic and an experience I will always remember. From moving out of my college dorm back to my family house, experiencing lockdown, and practicing safety measures, it has been quite the journey. I know it will take time to see things get better.”

Rishika, 18

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