Tell Your Story – California during the time of COVID-19

Tell Your Story - Nathan, San Francisco
Mural of George Floyd, the victim of a world-shaking police brutality incident that sparked mass protest and riots across America, in the alleyways of Mission Street, San Francisco


Nathan, San Francisco

“My father is a contractor who does repairs and installations of various kinds, kinda like a handyman. Before the pandemic, he was quite busy, with many customers lined up, but since then his workload has been halved due to many households not risking having strangers in their homes now. Thankfully my mother still works, as her line of work is not fully affected by the pandemic. I really worry about my grandparents, as they are growing older by the day. I wish they could spend their final years out seeing the world or experiencing cool things, but since the virus is more dangerous to the elderly, it has scared my grandparents from even thinking of leaving the house. This is heartbreaking, as I can’t imagine spending months indoors without stepping out.”

“While the pandemic has isolated me from a lot of my friends, it has given me time to self-reflect and really explore and discover things about myself. Kinda like a meditation where I don’t have to worry about peer expectations and can just focus on me.”

Nathan, 19
San Francisco

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