Tell Your Story – California during the time of COVID-19

Tell Your Story - Chen, Irvine
There used to be TWO bikes locked here. But when COVID-19 came, they are no longer used by anyone. At first, one of tires disappeared. Then their grips. Seats disappeared one by one. Day after day…


Chen, Irvine

“I cannot go back to China since last year. The price of the air ticket is much more expensive than before. Even if I choose to go back to China, how to return to America become another trouble.”

“My birthday and Chinese New Year are coming soon. But I cannot go home to meet my family. My aunt said my father has had some trouble about his job, but my parents say nothing about that. I really want to go home and ask them face-to-face ’cause it’s my duty to share the problem about my family. How do you think life will or will not be the same after we emerge from sheltering in place? NOTHING will be changed. SARS might be worse than COVID-19, but we all overcame it. We might never forget what happened in 2020.”

Chen, 21

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