Tell Your Story – California during the time of COVID-19

Tell Your Story - Caterin, San Rafael
The first time I saw a sunset since the shelter-in-place order


Caterin, San Rafael

“At home I had to see my parents struggle with paying our bills and rent. It got to the point where my parents had to rent out the room I shared with my brother because they needed the extra money to pay for our apartment. You could imagine the frustration I felt sleeping on the floor in my parents’ bedroom while they, along with my brother, slept on the bed. When school started again, taking classes in the room was really hard because someone seemed to always be there making noise. After a while, my parents saw how challenging it was for my brother and me to do schoolwork on the beds. After investing some money on supplies, they managed to turn our living room into a small bedroom they now live in. They were able to buy us desks, and now my brother and I have a room for school. We no longer have a living room we can relax in, but that seems like such a small sacrifice I had to make compared to the room my parents gave up for us and all the things people have sacrificed during the pandemic.”

Caterin, 19
San Rafael

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