The California Historical Society is a private, non-profit organization that was designated as the official historical society for the state of California in 1979. CHS is governed by an independent Board of Trustees who ensure that CHS manages its operations, finances and programs to further its mission and strategic goals.

Board of Trustees


Tony Gonzalez, Sacramento

Vice Chair

Glenn Snyder, San Francisco


John Brown, Riverside


Clifford Trafzer, Riverside


Jan Berckefeldt, Lafayette
Tracy Butts, Chico
Michael Carson, Palm Springs
William Deverell, Los Angeles
Linda C. Elliott, San Francisco
Alicia L. Goehring, San Francisco
Luoluo Hong, Long Beach

Presidents Emeriti

George D. Basye, Sacramento
Jan Berckefeldt, Lafayette
Robert J. Chattel, Sherman Oaks
Maribelle Leavitt, San Francisco
Steve LeSieur, Hillsborough
Carlotta Mellon, Carmel Highlands
Thomas R. Owens, San Francisco
Edith L. Piness, Mill Valley
Stephen L. Taber, San Francisco

Governing Documents